Young Trumper Is Best-Spoken Trump Advocate Out There… DESTROYS Media

Young Trumper Is Best-Spoken Trump Advocate Out There DESTROYS Media

An 11-year-old Trump supporter proved you’re never too young to advocate for causes you believe in.

A reporter from the American First Project happened to catch up to Millie at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, where the young girl happily explained why she supported President Donald Trump.

Millie, from Virginia, said she was drawn to Trump right away when he offered actual solutions to some of the problems our country was facing.

When asked about the media, she didn’t express much hope at all. She said that maybe by the time she is old enough to run for president, the media might be a little nicer, before surmising that, in all honesty, that would probably never happen.

It would seem like the mainstream media is too far gone, and this young lady was astute enough to realize that — even if they aren’t.

Mille also said that one of the reasons she supported Trump was his stance on illegal immigration and his proposed wall along the southern border. The girl also said she liked Trump’s stance on education and was pleased with his choice for education secretary, Betsy DeVos.

When speaking about her plans for the future, she said she might run for president — if the country needed her.

Take a look at this well-spoken girl:

This wasn’t the first time Millie had been in the news for her outspoken opinions about Trump. Before the election, she said she couldn’t wait for Trump to be president.

She added that if Democrat rival Hillary Clinton won the election, no one would be able to keep their guns to protect themselves or their families.

Take a look:

This little girl certainly has a future in politics if she ever decides on that career path.

But frankly, we’d probably advise her to look for more honest work.

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