WVU Student Government Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Attacks on Conservative Students

WVU Student Government Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Attacks on Conservative Students

A West Virginia liberal organization whose leader allegedly physically attacked members of a conservative group has been funded by none other than the state itself.

The West Virginia University student government association recently approved a $1,000 grant for the Left Alliance — a liberal student group led by Kelley Denham, who allegedly threw a conservative student against a wall after a meeting in January, according to the College Fix.

Because WVU is a state-funded university and the student government organization receives its funding from the school, the decision to award a grant to the Left Alliance was essentially the state funding a group whose leader is alleged to have assaulted conservative students.

When members of Turning Point USA — a conservative grassroots organization — tried to sit in on a meeting with the Left Alliance, Denham demanded they leave.

He later reportedly tracked them down in the hallway, where the confrontation turned violent, Kaitlynn Critchfield, a member of TPUSA, wrote on Facebook.

When Denham saw Critchfield trying to record the situation, he allegedly threw her against the wall and tried to take her phone before he was recorded assaulting an unidentified TPUSA member who was also filming the situation.

During an F-word-laced rant about conservatives, the liberal assaulted the conservative student twice.

“Why the f*** are you filming me right now?” he asked the student he assaulted, to which the student replied, “Because you’re attacking me right now.”

Watch the assault here (WARNING: offensive language ahead):

Critchfield told TheBlaze that Denham punched the chest of the TPUSA student who was filming. She said she alerted the campus police, who spoke to those involved.

In a statement to TheBlaze regarding the incident, WVU explained that “neither party involved wishes to press charges. The report will be sent to Student Conduct, who will now investigate and take appropriate action.”

However, when the group applied for the $1,000 grant from the Student Government Association, the funding request was approved without issue.

A spokesperson for the WVU administration told The Fix that an instance of a student organization violating student conduct rules wouldn’t necessarily lead to a denial of funding.

“They are still a student organization and as such are permitted to make the request,” the spokesperson explained.

SGA President Julie Merow echoed that sentiment.

“Student government looks at grant applications from organizations objectively and allocates funds to them if possible,” Merow wrote. “We don’t deny organizations without legitimate reason.”

Apparently assaulting a student over political differences is not considered a “legitimate reason” to deny state funding at West Virginia University.

Student senator Tyler Brewster explained that it was not at his organization’s “discretion” to ensure appropriate student conduct by withholding a grant from the Left Alliance.

“That is not our place,” he said, noting that even if the official student conduct board had found that the Left Alliance had violated the code of conduct, it “probably” wouldn’t have affected the SGA’s decision to give them money.

“That’s not a part of our protocol when giving a grant,” Brewster said.

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