WOW: Truth About Concealed Carrier Who Saved Trooper’s Life Revealed… He Was a Felon

Truth About Concealed Carrier Who Saved Troopers Life Revealed

Early in the morning on Jan. 12, a good Samaritan saved the life of DPS Trooper Edward Andersson on Interstate 10 in Arizona by shooting and killing Andersson’s attacker, Leonard Penuelas-Escobar, who ambushed Andersson while the officer was investigating a rollover crash.

Seeing the officer in desperate straits, the rescuer pulled over and did what he had to do to save Andersson’s life.

Initially the Samaritan preferred to remain anonymous.

Now we know him to be Thomas Yoxall, 43, a ex-felon. According to the Phoenix New Times, Yoxall had a 2000 felony theft conviction.

The Arizona Republic reported that the felony was reduced to a misdemeanor in 2003 when Yoxall petitioned a judge, stressing his desire to see his gun rights restored to him.

“Before this incident, I was an avid shooter,” Yoxall reportedly wrote. “I miss owning a gun. I miss shooting with my friends as well as (with) my son. I hope, if nothing else, you will reinstate my civil rights to include the right to bear arms once again.”

Apparently that was the right call.

Yoxall didn’t want to take a life that day, but he did what he had to do.

“That morning, I never would have dreamed that I was going to save somebody’s life, let alone take the life of another individual,” Yoxall said. “I don’t recall any thought or feeling of fear. It happened very quickly. There wasn’t necessarily time for me to react, or think logically. I don’t consider myself a hero that day.”

But he was a hero. He saved a life.

Taking away someone’s right to bear arms is a very, very serious thing. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate whether or not non-violent offenders should lose their constitutionally backed gun rights.

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