WOW: Malik Obama Says Hillary Might Have Cheated in Final Debate


President Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik, attended the final presidential debate Wednesday as a guest of GOP nominee Donald Trump and has brought up an issue that will have Democrats fuming — because his assertion is probably true.

Obama posted an image to Twitter and said he believed Clinton cheated during the debate.

Let’s face it, at this point it would come as no surprise to discover that Clinton had somehow managed to find a way to have a script before her during the entire event.

In fact, it would be downright shocking to learn that she didn’t cheat somehow.

Obama wasn’t the only one who thought it appeared as though Clinton might have been cheating.

Look at her lectern from this camera angle:

WikiLeaks documents proved that Clinton read a script during an MSNBC interview. WikiLeaks releases have also informed us that Clinton has an all-too-cozy relationship with the media.

There has also been some speculation that Clinton has worn listening devices during debates.

It was revealed that Clinton has differing public and private positions on issues, so it would be fitting to see her reading from a script to remind her of what her public position is on any given topic (because if we all knew her private positions, she would have never won the nomination in the first place).

This is the same woman who must be told when to smile when giving speeches.

The Democrats have managed to bring politics to a new low this election season, and everybody, including the president’s half-brother, knows it.

This is precisely why Clinton mustn’t be allowed to win the election. She and the Democrat Party will destroy what is left of America while promising they love our country and everything it stands for.

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