Wounded Vet Struggles to Provide for Family… Then Gary Sinise Swings Into Action


All across America, thousands of veterans struggle daily because of the wounds inflicted while they were overseas protecting America’s freedom.

Senior Airman Brian Kolfage is one of those veterans. Kolfage lost both his legs and his right hand in a rocket attack in Iraq, but he somehow managed to live through the trauma and even learned to walk again thanks to prosthetic legs, Newsmax reported.

Despite regaining mobility, Kolfage’s life hasn’t been easy, so the Gary Sinise Foundation heard of Kolfage’s plight and worked to build him a new “smart” home that uses the latest in technology to make life easier for him.

The entire home can be controlled from an iPad, which makes anything Kolfage needs to do around the house that much easier. When he received the keys to his new home, Kolfage also received a letter from Sinise who could not be there in person.

“Welcome home, sir,” said the end of the letter. “May God bless you always. Fly, fight, win. Your pal, Gary Sinise.”

“Today is mine and my family’s special day,” Kolfage stated when he received the keys to his house. “But tomorrow it will be another veteran’s special day. The Gary Sinise Foundation changes lives.”

Sinise is one of the few actors in Hollywood who genuinely cares for America’s veterans and has gone out of his way to help them make the transition from the battlefield to civilian life.

It’s nice to know that there are good people out there who are putting their tremendous resources to good use helping those who sacrifice for our freedom.

America needs more people like Sinise. More importantly, it needs a government that will make taking care of our veterans a top priority. Now that we have President-elect Donald Trump headed for the White House, maybe that will finally happen.

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Source: conservativetribune.com