Woman Needs Knee Surgery, Told It Will Be 80-Week Wait Under Socialized Health Care System

Woman Needs Knee Surgery Told It Will Be 80-Week Wait Under Socialized Health Care System

Socialized health care has been a major talking point for the left, as they try to prove it is the better, more “compassionate” way to address the health care needs of all citizens. However, when one woman who used the U.K.’s National Health Service program needed knee surgery, she realized that socialized health care was not all it’s cracked up to be.

Ironically, she had worked for the NHS for most of her life.

Claire Dewhurst, 54, a radiographer with the NHS in Wales, was forced to quit her job after twisting her knee joint at work in 2014. She was placed on an NHS “urgent” list to get a replacement knee and expected to be treated within a month.

Instead she was reportedly told by the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, a Welsh agency of the U.K.’s socialized health care system, that her surgeon had an 80-week waiting list.

As of mid-January she had waited 68 weeks in terrible pain for an operation, with no date for treatment yet determined.

After giving the NHS 31 years of her life, working for the system, she found that it did little to honor her dedication. She said she believed the system was failing and near collapse.

“I may have an NHS pension but I’m not receiving NHS care,” Dewhurst said. “I give the NHS five years.”

“I have no gripe at all with the surgeons. They work their socks off and deserve every penny they get,”  Dewhurst said.

Welsh Assembly Member for Aberconwy Janet Finch Saunders was not so forgiving.

“My constituent has now been waiting 68 weeks. It beggars belief that it appears to be acceptable that someone should wait a further 12 weeks to receive their entitled treatment,” Saunders said.

Former Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders commented that we were not a compassionate society because we don’t have socialized health care. Look at the level of compassion where they do have it.

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