Woman Goes to Exclusive Tropical Resort, Wakes up to Bedbug Nightmare

Woman Goes to Exclusive Tropical Resort Wakes up to Bedbug Nightmare

Cindi Avila and her husband thought they were going to a five-star resort in the Bahamas to relax and unwind. Instead, the Miami couple found themselves in a painful nightmare, thanks to a nasty infestation in their hotel room.

According to WFOR-TV, Avila and her husband Mike were staying at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort last year when a bedbug problem put her in some serious pain.

“I really have never been in such pain in my life. I mean, these things are just swelling up all over my body,” Avila said in a video shot after their return from the resort. “I want to basically crawl out of my skin, die, or go the hospital.”

She said that after she began experiencing pain, they decided to flip their mattress over. That’s when they saw this:


“Oh, there’s big ones there!” her husband Mike can be heard saying on the video. “Holy crap!” Cindi says in response.

“A living hell. The worst days I’ve ever had – more pain than you could imagine,” she said.

“It was like something out of a horror movie. We saw hundreds of bugs running around, and also their excrement all over the bed skirt.”

According to the Miami Herald, the Atlantis resort didn’t charge them for their stay. Avila was sent to a nurse, who applied calamine lotion to the bites. The resort promised to exterminate the bugs and reimburse her for her hospital bills. However, Avila decided she would take Atlantis to court.

Check out the bites:


The bites Avila suffered

“When you check into a hotel, the Atlantis hotel that is really a five-star hotel, that comes with expectations, one of which is the sheets are going to be clean and you’re not going to be eaten alive by bedbugs,” Avila attorney Michael Winkelman said. He added that while he’s handled half a dozen cases of individuals who have suffered from bedbug bites at hotels, this is the worst one he’s seen.

“They didn’t seem to care about me or the way I was feeling,” Avila said of Atlantis, claiming that the hotel seemed somewhat unconcerned about her plight.

In a statement, Atlantis stated that it was “dedicated to treating all guests fairly and handling claims professionally. We have engaged with Ms. Avila directly and then her multiple prior attorneys continually over the year since this incident took place, in an effort to resolve this matter. We regret that she has decided to take this course of action in a further effort to extract a large financial reward.”

Either way, it’s a reminder to watch out for bedbugs. They’ve been on the rise in recent years, and they’re no joke. Just ask Cindi Avila.

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