Woman Gives Man $7 for Food… Has No Idea STAGGERING Surprise He Plans for Her

Woman Gives Man 7 for Food Has No Idea STAGGERING Surprise He Plans for Her

We have all heard the stories about people “paying it forward,” and how their generosity often catches back up to them when someone shows them a similar kindness.

For example, a woman in Smyrna, Georgia, was standing in line at a grocery store around Christmastime when she noticed the man behind her couldn’t seem to find his wallet. In an act of generosity, the woman offered to pay the stranger’s $7 grocery bill.

Tracy Warshal told ABC News her gesture was just “instinctual” and that “anybody would have done it.” Before she left, the man asked for her name and she responded with only her first name and “Merry Christmas.” However, a few weeks later, Warshal was shocked when she discovered what the man did after her kind gesture.

After Warshal left the store, she didn’t think twice about what she had done until a few weeks later, when two representatives for The Piedmont Foundation, an affiliate of Piedmont Cancer institute where she works,  informed her that there was a man who had been looking for a “Tracy.”

When Warshal learned that it was the man from the grocery store, she was floored, but it was the man’s generosity that took her by surprise. He ended up donating $10,000 to the Piedmont Foundation in her name.

The man had found the woman based on the “Piedmont” T-shirt she had been wearing at the grocery store that day. He contacted Piedmont Healthcare’s Vice President of Philanthropy Mendal Bouknight to see if the woman who helped him was part of the organization.

The man had told Bouknight that he wanted to be anonymous, but he wanted to “thank her” for her kind gesture. “I completely respect the fact that he would like to remain anonymous,” Warshal said. “Of course, I would like to give him a hug and say thank you.”

Warshal later posted about the incident on Facebook:

“What are the chances…of all the people I could have helped, that this would be how the favor was returned?” Warshal said in the post. “One person really can make a difference.”

It’s true — the things we do and say can truly make a difference in people’s lives, and sometimes, the kindness is returned tenfold.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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