Woman Blocks in Brat Steals BOTH Spaces in Woman’s Driveway… Then She Leaves!

Woman Blocks in Brat Steals BOTH Spaces in Womans Driveway

It’s probably bad enough living in the United Kingdom. The food is all overcooked, the beer is all lukewarm, it rains all the time and you have to add an extra syllable to the word “aluminum.”

Now, imagine all that and someone taking your parking spot.

That sad Britannic fate unfortunately befell Hannah Crocker, a Birmingham resident, this past weekend. While she was out, a jerk in an Audi took both spots in her private driveway.

Hanna decided that getting mad wasn’t enough. She’d had enough of bangers-and-mash and bad kebab. She’d had enough of treating the Gallagher brothers like legitimate artists. She’d had enough of all that and having her parking space taken. (Well, actually, she’d just had enough of having her parking space taken by a guy who had taken it before, but shh.) She decided to get even. That’s why she decided to block him in for two hours with her own car.

Now, the incident has gone viral after it was all caught on camera.

According to the U.K. Express, Crocker lived in a seven-person house share, as if Britain weren’t dismal enough.

“I’d nipped out on Saturday morning and when I came back I was fuming to find my driveway blocked by an unknown car,” Crocker said.

“Not only that, he had parked over two spaces, leaving nowhere for me to park,” she continued. “Usually I would just park further up the road, but I was so annoyed as this kept happening — neither me nor my housemates had any idea who it was, so I decided to block the driver in.”

So, she decided to block the silver Audi with her red Sköda, as seen here. (For Americans who don’t know what a Sköda is, it’s essentially a Volkswagen assembled by Czechs, usually poorly.)


Crocker and the scene at her driveway

When she came back, she found the driver trying to push her car into the road.

“While I’d been out, one of my housemates called me and said the driver had come back – there was no way for him to get out, so he was just sitting in his car,” Crocker said. “But as time went on, he started to get more and more angry. By the time we got back, another friend had joined him and they were bouncing the car up and down, trying to push it into the road. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing — luckily my housemate filmed the whole thing too.


“When I approached them, the two men started shouting at me, asking why I’d blocked them in,” she added. “I asked why they’d parked on my driveway, and their response was ‘there’s nowhere else to park.’ I couldn’t believe the cheek of them! They didn’t even apologize for repeatedly using our driveway.”

Here’s the video:

It just goes to show you: Don’t take a Britisher’s parking space. Trust me, they have enough anger living in Britain already.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

H/T U.K. Metro