WikiLeaks Catches Bill Clinton’s Massive Insult to Coal Country … Hillary Just Lost Even MORE Votes


Former President Bill Clinton’s disdain for the American citizens who work in coal country runs deeper than even the veins of coal.

This much could be seen clearly in a transcript of a speech he delivered last November at a private fundraiser for his wife, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Published during the weekend by WikiLeaks, the transcript of the speech delivered before well-heeled supporters in New York showed Clinton slamming “coal country” states such as West Virginia and Kentucky, describing them as as “the most anti-immigrant parts of America.” (To view the transcript, go to the WikiLeaks release here and click on the attachment.)

“One of the reasons I’m for immigration reform is that on balance immigrants add to the employment base, not take away from it,” the transcript read. Clinton went on to say that housing problems “in the most anti-immigrant parts of America, like in coal country, West Virginia and Kentucky, don’t have anything to do with immigrants.”

By immigration reform, Clinton of course meant amnesty for illegal immigrants. Unlike their legal peers, who earned entry into the United States the proper way, illegal immigrants have cheated the system and, even worse, been rewarded for their criminal behavior with welfare benefits by President Barack Obama.

Some Americans (including those who live in West Virginia and Kentucky) do in fact resent this. But that does not make them “anti-immigrant.” It makes them anti-illegal immigrant.

Take for instance Richard Ojeda, a West Virginian whose grandfather immigrated to America decades ago from Mexico.

“When you hear about illegal aliens getting benefits and you have people here starving to death and can’t get nothing, it’s just a slap in the face,” Ojeda told The New Yorker in an interview in October, adding that it irritated him that nobody in Obama’s government seemed to care about the state’s struggling coal workers.

“We built this country with the steel that came out of our coal, and we protected this country with our soldiers, and nobody cares,” he stated. “That’s why West Virginia is going to vote for Trump.”

And there it was. Whereas Hillary Clinton’s team (including her husband) was busy denigrating coal states for being “anti-immigrant,” which was false, Trump had been demonstrating that he actually cared about all American citizens, including those who worked in the coal industry.

The difference was yet another reminder of why so many Americans are turning against not only the Democrat nominee but the entire Democrat Party. They’re fed up with the haughty condescension — and rightfully so.

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