WIKILEAK: New Podesta Email Reveals Concern Over Hillary’s Sanity


In an email sent in September of 2015, longtime aide Neera Tanden expressed concern over then-Democrat primary candidate Hillary Clinton’s sanity or the lack thereof.

Specifically, Tanden complained about Clinton having identified herself as a “moderate” during a campaign speech in Ohio.

“I mean it makes my life more difficult after telling every reporter I know she’s actually progressive but that is really the smallest of issues,” she wrote to campaign chair John Podesta in a hacked email published this week by WikiLeaks.

It worries me more that she doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all living in at the moment,” she added.


In a reply to Tanden’s original question, which was “Why did she call herself a moderate?” Podesta noted that he had “pushed her on this” issue and that she had claimed “she didn’t remember saying it.”

“Not sure I believe her,” Podesta then quipped. “We were speculating that it may be a (psychologist) Don Baer intervention.”

Regardless, the email revealed that even her own team wasn’t sure what Hillary Clinton would say on the campaign trail from one day to the next — and that she seemed more than a little out of touch with reality.

The email also seemed to indicate that Clinton had either been suffering from memory lapses again or had become so caught up in her own lies that she had effectively lost track of them.

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