WIKILEAK: Debate Moderator Caught Advising With Hillary Camp


The latest batch of emails and other documents obtained from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and released publicly by WikiLeaks confirmed that the Clinton camp had a rather cozy relationship with many members of the liberal media, as many conservatives have long surmised.

According to Breitbart, one of those media members was CNBC anchor and reporter for The New York Times John Harwood, whom many Republicans remember for his ham-handed questions and notably biased manner while moderating a Republican primary debate in 2015.

Harwood emailed Podesta numerous times throughout 2015, with some of those messages relating to breaking news stories regarding the ongoing private email server scandal that has dogged the campaign of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Harwood appeared to be checking to see how his friends in the campaign were holding up.

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During the heat of the Democrat primary race in early 2016, Harwood also emailed Podesta several times to congratulate or encourage the campaign in its efforts at winning states and securing the nomination.

The Daily Caller also showed that some of Harwood’s emails to Podesta were more along the lines of advice to the campaign, sharing some of what he knew about certain GOP candidates and reveling in the job he had done against eventual Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when he moderated a GOP debate.

In messaging Podesta about his much-criticized performance moderating the debate, in which he had repeatedly needled Trump with questions designed to make him look unserious, Harwood seemed to relish having achieved some “vindication” for President Barack Obama by presenting the GOP candidate in a bad light.

“I imagine,” Harwood wrote, “that Obama feels some (sad) vindication at this demonstration of his years-long point about the opposition party veering off the rails. I certainly am feeling that way with respect to how I questioned Trump at our debate.”

Harwood had also emailed the Clinton campaign in May 2015 to warn them that they needed to “watch out” for Dr. Ben Carson if he should somehow make it to the general election as the Republican nominee, sharing some information he had obtained through interviews with the candidate.

It’s no secret for anyone actually paying attention that the mainstream media are very much for Clinton this election cycle, and while these emails certainly aren’t breaking any new ground in that regard, they do provide further evidence of that cozy relationship between a corrupt lifelong politician and the journalists who are supposed to keep her honest.

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