White House: We’ll Keep Using the Term “Fake News” Until the Media Wakes Up

White House Well Keep Using the Term Fake News Until the Media Wakes Up

Right after the 2016 presidential election, the mainstream media started to use the term “fake news.” It was pretty effective for about a week, until astute conservatives (your occasionally humble writer among them) started realizing the term could be more accurately applied to mainstream news.

Ever since then, the left has been resolutely decrying the term, particularly when it’s been used to describe what they’ve been doing for years. And yet, it fits so perfectly. No matter how much CNN’s Brian Stelter hyperventilates whenever it’s applied to him, calling him “fake news” is like calling Lou Reed an opiate addict: tough, but factual.

And as much as the media might not like it, it’s apparently going to stay in effect — at least, according to Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the White House’s deputy assistant to President Donald Trump.

“There is a monumental desire on behalf of the majority of the media, not just the pollsters, the majority of the media to attack a duly elected president in the second week of his term,” Gorka said during an appearance on Michael Medved’s radio show, according to CNN.

“That’s how unhealthy the situation is, and until the media understands how wrong that attitude is, and how it hurts their credibility, we are going to continue to say, ‘fake news.’ I’m sorry, Michael. That’s the reality,” Gorka added.

This shouldn’t be shocking. What should be shocking is that we actually need people to declare CNN and other media outlets fake news.

We’ve witnessed it over and over and over again. And what’s more hilarious is seeing the reaction of CNN. In its coverage of Gorka’s appearance on Medved’s show, CNN wrote: “Trump and his staff have repeatedly used the term ‘fake news’ to discredit reporting on the presidential administration from mainstream outlets such as CNN and The New York Times, often offering no evidence to back up their disputes with those outlets’ stories.”

The actual “fake news” that they were reporting upon is not elaborated upon. What a shocker.

This is what we have to deal with. Dr. Gorka is right — the situation is unhealthy, and it’s time that the media rectified it with something other than their typical biased coverage.

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