White House Unveils First Presidential Photo

White House Unveils First Presidential Photo

On Friday, the first official presidential photograph of Trump was released. For the photo, Trump looked sternly at the camera, with a picture of the White House and an American flag in the background.

Politico noted that Trump’s photo was vastly different from Obama’s. In both of Obama’s presidential photos, he was smiling.

Trump probably wasn’t smiling because he knew the amount of damage he had to clean up after eight years of his grinning predecessor, who often seemed more focused on looking “hip” than actually doing anything to help America.

President Donald Trump has promised that he will get to work for the American people immediately. There is a lot of damage to fix after eight years of President Barack Obama, and Trump probably knows it better than anyone.

Trump portrait

Trump is a serious person, and his presidential photo reflects that. This photo is an image of a man that you really don’t want to test — something our enemies should keep in mind over these next few months.

Seriously, look at the photo. Is that really someone you would want to anger?

The photo of Trump was being used on the official presidential Twitter account (@POTUS) as well as on the White House webpage, where it appeared along with a short bio of the new president.

Undoubtedly many people will be upset that Trump wasn’t smiling for his photo, but what they don’t realize is that this photo mirrors Trump’s constant messaging of demonstrating America’s strength and resolve.

Trump is going to be more focused on getting results for the American people, not getting the perfect picture, and having a president focused on producing results rather than “optics” is something that America has needed for a long time.

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Source: conservativetribune.com