WEIRD: During EU Visit, Weird American Flag with 51 Stars Used

During EU Visit Weird American Flag with 51 Stars Used

Vice President Mike Pence has been visiting Europe for the past few days in his first official overseas trip as vice president. The tour has provided the first official meetings between the Trump administration and our European allies, serving also as an attempt to alleviate any concerns Europe might have about Trump.

When Pence and European Union leader Donald Tusk spoke on Monday, people watching the event noticed that the American flag image in the background had 51 stars, the Associated Press reported.

As far as I know, we haven’t annexed Canada, which means that the only other explanation is that the folks at the EU really don’t know how to count, or have a very poor understanding of history, or maybe they don’t understand the District of Columbia, which admittedly can be a problem for all of us at times.

Given the way the EU politicians handle the finances of the EU, it’s more likely that they really just don’t know how to count.

The American flag had the correct number of stripes, and the European Union flag had the correct number of stars (12), Fox News reported.

The New York Post noted that as of Tuesday morning the EU council had not responded to inquiries about the error.

In all seriousness, this probably was an innocent mistake, though one that really shouldn’t have been made. The United States and the European Union have been dealing with each other for many years, so you’d think that after all this time the EU would have an accurate image of our flag that they could have used.

It’s also entirely possible that this was some subtle way of some European state trying to tell us that that they want to leave the EU and become an American state.

Perhaps that’s why Britain embraced Brexit.

In any case, this error certainly made Pence’s EU trip more interesting than it might otherwise have been!

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