WATCH: Video Of Gator Jumping Into Boat Full Of People Goes Mega Viral

Video Of Gator Jumping Into Boat Full Of People Goes Mega Viral

Recent video of tourists in Florida meeting an alligator up close and personal has gone mega-viral, and for good reason, as the video was as shocking and frightening as it was hilarious.

The Miami Herald reported in January on a couple from Missouri who were vacationing in Florida and received the experience of a lifetime when one of the state’s most dangerous creatures jumped into an airboat with them. Video of the incident, posted below, has been viewed over 16 million times on the Huffington Post UK’s Facebook page.

Tylor and Emerald Hindery had joined with another couple on an airboat tour and happened upon a large alligator sunning itself on the bank. The boat stopped so everybody could look, but the wind pushed the boat right up to the bank next to the massive creature.

Tylor began streaming the encounter live on his Facebook page as the tour guide could be heard in the background talking about the alligator and how they needed to carefully move the boat away from him, at one point joking that they were close enough to reach out and slap it if they wanted to do so.

“The guy killed the engine and we just floated over,” Hindery said. “We got stuck on the bank, and he didn’t want to turn the engine on and scare everything.”

The tour guide then cautioned everybody to avoid making any sudden moves, but as if on cue, the giant reptile suddenly leaped from the bank and into the boat, sending the people scrambling to the back to escape the wild animal.

Unfortunately for the large beast, its wide girth caused it to become stuck between the bars of the railing on the boat momentarily, leaving it to kick its legs wildly in an effort to break free. It finally splashed down into the water harmlessly.

“We couldn’t believe it was really happening, everyone was scrambling around and trying to get to the back,” Emerald Hindery said, according to the Orlando Sentinel. “I stayed in my seat for a half second, then Tylor grabbed me and I somehow ended up in the driver’s seat.”

“It happened too fast to be scary until after it was over,” she added.

You can watch the hilarious close call here:

These tourists got about as close of a look at a massive gator as one could get and still be around to talk about it.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the incident, though pants may have had to have been changed later.

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