WATCH: Tucker Carlson Tells Obamacare Architect “Nobody Believes You, Doctor”


On his new Fox News nightly show Tuesday, Tucker Carlson took down one of Obamacare’s top architects, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, in an epic clip that’s now going viral.

Dr. Emanuel, a physician with the National Institute of Health, was one of the men who helped shape the Affordable Care Act. His opinions on healthcare rationing and belief in a two-tiered system of insurance also came under fire from opponents of the bill. He took on the Fox News host, claiming that perfidious Republicans had unjustly sullied the reputation of his handiwork.

The clip began with Carlson noting that Obamacare had never received the approval of the American people.

“Obamacare is the biggest piece of social reorganization passed in my lifetime, and yet it has never, as far as I know, received majority support,” Carlson said. “I’ve never seen a poll suggesting a majority of Americans support Obamacare, so shouldn’t you get a buy-in from the public before reorganizing their health care?”

“The public likes many of the provisions,” Emanuel responded, to which Carlson replied, “Yeah, some.”

“Wait, did you ask me a question?” Emanuel angrily shot back. “Let me answer the question, please. A little respect. The only provision that scores under 50 percent is the mandate, and people haven’t understood that if you want no pre-existing disease, condition, exclusion, you have to have a mandate. Those are inextricably linked. The public, of course, would like their cake and eat it too, but you cannot have both of those –“

That’s when the fireworks began.

“Before you continue to patronize the public, let me just make something clear,” Carlson said, interrupting. “The poorest section of our population is young people. In fact, this generation is the poorest generation of its age in three generations. They’re the poorest, and yet we’re forcing them to buy into the system to subsidize the health care of the old and the sick, who are also the richest section of our population. Why is that fair and why would you expect them to like it? … You’re trying to force them to do something they don’t want to do. You’re telling them it’s a good deal, but they don’t believe it’s a good deal. Why is that?”

“A lot of them haven’t explored what the deal is,” Emanuel replied. “They’ve heard your rhetoric that it’s not a good deal, and they haven’t actually seen.”

As a young person whose former employer cancelled his insurance thanks to Obamacare, let me here say that I have explored the deal, Mr. Emanuel. I can’t afford it, and no, it’s not just Mr. Carlson’s rhetoric.

Video below:

Emanuel tried to blame it all on Congress not tweaking Obamacare, which prompted an angry rebuke from Carlson.

“To add to what you said, the president began this with a speech to a joint session of Congress in 2009 in which he said Obamacare will be the end of the discussion of how to organize health care in this country. I was sitting right there, and he said that. He promised us that it would be perfect on arrival. Shouldn’t someone at least acknowledge that that wasn’t true before we move on to the next iteration of Obamacare? Are we just going to keep lying?” Carlson said.

“Excuse me, but that is totally untrue statement!” Emanuel yelled. “The president never thought it was going to be perfect on arrival.”

That’s when Carlson read Obama’s quote on the matter: “I’m not the first president to take this up. I am determined to be the last.”

Nobody believes you, doctor. We all watched this happen, and I’m sorry, you would have much more credibility if you would just say, we were kinda wrong about some things,” Carlson continued. “This is sad, and I would expect more from someone who is an eminent doctor.”

Thankfully, we likely won’t have to put up with Obamacare for long. President-elect Donald Trump has promised it will be one of the first things he does away with in office, something that should make all of us who have been struggling with insurance and healthcare costs a lot happier.

However, if you ever need a reminder that there are thousands of bureaucrats diligently working to micromanage your life and your options with your own money, you need only look at this clip and remember that just two short years from now is another election, another opportunity for angry Democrats to run your lives yet again.

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