WATCH: Tucker Carlson Slams Lansing Mayor on Sanctuary City Policy

Tucker Carlson Slams Lansing Mayor on Sanctuary City Policy

When a delusional “sanctuary city” mayor from Michigan tried on Wednesday to lecture Fox News host Tucker Carlson about the need for “white men like us” to empathize with illegal immigrant criminals, he learned the hard way why, as the old proverb goes, “Man who say stupid crap get smacked with a large trout.”

According to Fox News, it was Lansing Mayor Virgil Bernero’s contention that cooperating with federal authorities to enforce the country’s immigration laws in the city would turn his local police into an oppressive “occupying force” — and that a more sensible option would be to build community relationships with illegals.

“People come into your country illegally and all of a sudden you’re oppressing them?” Tucker replied. “What?”

“It’s easy for white men like us to say that, who are in the majority (and) who enjoy what we enjoy, but the fact is …,” Mayor Bernero fired back before being cut off by an incensed Tucker.

“I was taking you seriously in the beginning, but this is just buffoonish,” the Fox News host noted. “Now it’s like, I’m a white man so my views on this are less material or something.”

Welcome to the wonderfully zany world of liberal logic (or the lack thereof), Mr. Carlson.

Listen to their back-and-forth exchange below:

Bernero replied by urging Carlson to “try to walk in another man’s shoes.”

How about you, Mayor Bernero, try to walk in the shoes of the women and children who have been molested or raped by “oppressed” illegal immigrant criminals? Maybe you could try walking in the shoes of the families of those who have been killed by people who shouldn’t even be in the country, such as five-time-deported criminal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who shot San Francisco resident Kate Steinle to death two years ago.

Or do only some lives matter to you — namely the lives of those miscreants who voluntarily choose to flout the law? Or is just that you lack the sensibility to tell right from wrong?

“Now we’re just getting into completely crazy talk,” Tucker concluded before Bernero could spew anymore nonsense. “You’re making generalizations based on race and demeaning your office.”

Tucker Carlson smacked this mayor hard on national television. Let’s hope Lansing’s voters do too, come re-election time.

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