WATCH: Trump’s “Best Line of the Debate” Got 6 MILLION Views in Just 1 Hour


During the second presidential debate Sunday in St. Louis, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton tried to take a swipe at GOP candidate Donald Trump over his temperament, claiming it was “awfully good” that someone like him was “not in charge of the law” in America.

Within seconds of making that loaded statement, she knew that she had just screwed up royally.

Because you would be in jail,” Trump promptly promised, inspiring many in the audience to break out in applause.

Apparently, they believed him, and rightfully so.

Trump has championed himself as a “law and order” candidate, thus differentiating himself mightily from not only his opponent, but from President Barack Obama and his corrupt administration.

Given Clinton’s litany of proven crimes — selling access to the government, transmitting classified intelligence on a private server and lying to Congress and the American people — she should be in jail rotting like a peach left in the sun. But instead she remains scot-free.

To hear Trump’s killer line, watch the video below:

Shared on Trump’s Facebook page after the debate, the video had accrued almost 16 million views and 450,000 shares by Monday morning.

Many of the American people know in their hearts that the former secretary of state deserves to be behind bars.

To that end, they have placed their support in Donald Trump, a businessman candidate who, despite his faults, understands that a nation without proper justice is not a nation at all. It’s a banana republic.

And that was exactly what America is on the verge of transforming into. Even the FBI, long considered the nation’s greatest arbitrator of justice, has grown corrupt under the administration of Barack Obama.

A change was desperately needed, and the best way to spur that change was by locking up one of the very villains who has helped orchestrate the downfall of America: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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