WATCH: Trump Unexpectedly Turned Over Mic at Victory Speech to Reince Preibus


President-elect Donald J. Trump. Just stare at those words and let them sink in for a few minutes. The unexpected happened — the unbelievable happened — when Trump managed to defeat Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and save America.

At his victory party — which was held around 3 a.m. — Trump promised to work for all Americans, even those who hadn’t voted for him. Trump also took the opportunity to thank those who had helped him along his path to victory.

Trump specifically mentioned Vice President-elect Mike Pence, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus.

Trump even had Priebus come up to the microphone to say a few words. So much for the liberal media’s insistence that Trump and Priebus hated each other.

“Lades and gentlemen, the next president of the United States: Donald Trump!” Priebus said to a cheering crowd before he turned the microphone back over to Trump.

“Amazing guy,” Trump remarked after. “Our partnership with the RNC was so important to the success and to what we’ve done.”

It was the RNC’s unexpectedly strong ground game that was seen as being key not only to Trump’s win, but also keeping both houses of Congress stay red.

Trump’s praise of Priebus was important to the unification of America after this particularly bloody general election cycle. Not only is America divided, but both parties were very divided within themselves.

You can watch the speech below. Priebus makes his appearance around 17 minutes in.

Despite the Republican establishment refusing to come on board his campaign, Trump has shown that he is willing to bury the hatchet and move forward for the good of the country.

The next four years have endless opportunity. For the first time in eight years, America has a chance to be great again.

We’ve elected a true patriot, so let’s celebrate — and catch up on the sleep we all lost from watching every minute of the most historic election in American history.

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