WATCH: Trump Supporter Extinguishes Protester Fire Then Gets Assaulted

Trump Supporter Extinguishes Protester Fire Then Gets Assaulted

Liberals aghast at President Donald Trump’s election decided to converge on the nation’s capital for Inauguration Day, determined to show America how intolerant Trump is.

How were they going to do that? Well, at least in part by setting fires, destroying property and thuggishly intimidating anyone who disagreed with them.

There were plenty of dispiriting images that flashed across our collective screens from the left’s pseudo-political delinquency in the District of Columbia and around the nation.

From the inexplicable decision to bust up a Starbucks in downtown D.C. (“I hear the mochaccino is the alt-right’s favorite drink, guys! Let’s smash this sucker up!”) to innumerable garbage cans being set ablaze (environmentally friendly, indeed), there were no shortage of examples of just why America turned against the left at the ballot box last autumn.

If I had to pick one scene that seemed most apropos to just how sad the left’s display of violence was, it was this one: a video of a Trump supporter, violently attacked by protesters for putting out a fire.

The man, wearing the ubiquitous MAGA cap, had used a fire extinguisher to put out one of the multitudes of trash-can blazes set around the city. The man was acting peacefully, trying to quell tensions. Anti-Trump protesters? Not so much.

You can see it here:

To be fair, some protesters seem to be telling the men who assaulted the Trump supporter “What’s wrong with you?” after the attack. The key word is after.

The man had been intimidated, harassed and bullied by hooligans for well over a minute for the crime of putting out a fire, and nobody stood up for him. Then, an assault happened on a Trump supporter with multiple cameras present, and that’s when protesters decided it was time to speak up against violent bullying. Nice work.

Sadly, this assault was far from the only incidence of violence during Trump’s inauguration. Reuters reported that 217 individuals were arrested in what they described as “melees” in an “outburst of violence rare for an inauguration.” (I note that simply because when a news wire service has to resort to such language to describe an event, you know it’s pretty bad.)

I don’t know how many of these individuals were wearing MAGA hats, but I would venture to guess not many. WTTG-TV said that signs at the event read “Resist Trump Climate Justice Now” and “Free Palestine,” among others.

But Trump supporters are the intolerant ones — right, liberals?

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