WATCH: Trump-Loving YouTube Star Has Perfect 1-for-1 Plan for Celebrities Who Broke Promise to Leave US


Christian conservative and political humorist AlfonZo Rachel addressed liberals who broke their promises to leave the United States if Donald Trump was elected president.

He specifically wanted to know why they hadn’t started packing their bags yet, because after all a promise is a promise.

In this funny video, Rachel encouraged liberals who hadn’t left the country yet to “get packing.” In fact, he begged them to leave the country to teach the rest of us a lesson.

He said that since Democrats insist on promoting the idea that we stole this country from native Americans, they should give them the titles and deeds to all of their belongings.

He also suggested that since left-wingers were so adamant about open borders in this country, they should trade places with those who want to come here. In addition, they should leave all of their assets and money with immigrants wanting to come to America because they wouldn’t need all that money where they would be going anyway.

“You celebrities won’t need all that money where you’re going. After all, those socialist and communist countries take care of their citizens. You’ll be well taken care of,” he said.

He also added that they wouldn’t need all the materialism they claim is so evil while lavishing it on themselves.


“Get a taste of why they leave their country and come to America,” he said, pointing to the hypocrisy of every Hollywood progressive who doesn’t practice what he or she preaches.

Somebody needs to give Rachel an award, because this video is as hilarious as it is truthful. Hard-working, thinking Americans demonstrated to Democrats and all of Hollywood’s liberals last week just what they think of their opinions: absolutely nothing.

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