WATCH: Trump Comforts Parents of Pro-Trump Son Who Was Killed in Crash


Hugh “Riley” Rone was one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters. Tragically, he passed away in a motorcycle accident before he was even able to vote for his hero.

Even though Rone died on May 31, on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway, Trump still found a way to honor the young man who had supported him. During a rally Friday in Pennsylvania, Trump eulogized Rone and called his parents up on stage, according to RealClearPolitics.

“These are incredible people,” Trump said as the parents took the stage. “Their son recently passed away in a horrible accident. He was the biggest supporter I had. Young guy. Beautiful guy. The most popular person there was. And he was just very special.”

“As much as some of you like Trump, I like you more than you like me if you want to know the truth. This boy was our biggest fan. He loved our country, believe me. He loved our country,” Trump continued.

“Say a few words about our boy, OK?” Trump said as he hugged Barbara Zawistowski Rone, Riley Rone’s mother.

“When there were 17 [candidates], he said, ‘Mr. Trump is the nominee.’ When there was one nominee, Mr. Trump, Riley said Mr. Trump would be president,” Zawistowski Rone said.

“In Riley’s obituary, Mr. Trump was mentioned because Riley loved or loves Mr. Trump. His funeral was over 200 cars. He had very dedicated friends. There were signs, flags for Mr. Trump. Riley’s grave marker has Mr. Trump’s name on it and the Statue of Liberty, because he loves America.”

Rone had originally come to Trump’s attention because of a letter sent to the candidate.

Now, ask yourself this: Can you ever picture Hillary Clinton doing this? Unless the Rone family was a major donor to her campaign, she wouldn’t have wasted her time.

That’s something to remember as make your on your way to the polls on Tuesday.

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