WATCH: Trump Challenges Hillary To Return Foundation Money To Middle East Countries


GOP nominee Donald Trump has challenged Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton to return money received from Middle Eastern countries where the rights of the demographics she claims to champion are utterly ignored.

Trump wants to see Clinton surrender money from countries where gay and lesbian people are murdered and women completely dominated by their male counterparts. When Trump brought it up in debate with Clinton, she was not pleased.

In an interview with conservative commentator Sean Hannity, the two explored the topic further.

“There’s so much money that has come from countries, like the million dollar gift from Qatar,” Hannity began.

“Qatar allows marital rape and marital beatings. Up to 25 million from the Saudis — the 10 million from the Saudis for the Clinton Library. Women can’t drive; they’re told how to dress. Gays and lesbians are killed. Christians and Jews are persecuted, but she takes the money. You want her to give it back,” he said to Trump.

“She should give it back,” Trump asserted. “She should give that money back; I brought it up to her at the debate. Give the money back — it’s $25 million at a minimum. Give the money back.”

“She didn’t want to answer the question, if you noticed,” he added.

Hannity raised a great question — how is it at all possible to be the champion of gay and lesbian rights or of women’s rights if you’re being subsidized in such a huge way by people so radically opposed to those views?

Trump blamed the inside-the-beltway culture of federal politics as a whole.

“I’ll tell you what,” he said. “We’re gonna win the election, and we’re gonna clean out the swamp … We’re gonna drain the swamp of Washington, D.C. It is a swamp of absolute corruption.”

Trump’s catch phrase “clean the swamp” originates from Washington, D.C.’s founding; as the story goes (and it is hotly debated) the district was built directly on top of a swamp as a compromise — no single state would have the honor of hosting the nation’s capital. The swamp has come to symbolize the corruption of the capital for many anti-establishment conservatives.

Architecturally, it was not the best endeavor. Metaphorically, it’s gold.

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