WATCH: Terminally Ill Former Miss Wisconsin Shuts Down Trump Haters With Incredible Story


A recent flurry of women, some of whom were contestants in his beauty pageants or TV shows, have made allegations that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sexually assaulted or harassed them at some point over the past four decades.

But at least one former beauty pageant winner has been telling an entirely different story about Trump, standing in stark contrast to the unsubstantiated allegations that he is a misogynistic sexist, according to The Daily Caller.

You may be familiar with former Miss Wisconsin Melissa Young, who earlier this year spoke publicly about how Trump aided and inspired her to fight against a terminal illness with which she has been afflicted, if only to provide a better life for her son.

Young appeared Friday on Fox Business to speak with host Stuart Varney about the slew of allegations lodged against Trump over the past week, sharing her own story as a counter to those trashing the billionaire businessman.

Varney asked Young what she thought of the portrayal of Trump as a sexual predator and whether she believed the women making the allegations against him this late in the presidential race.

“What I’m really asking about is the accusers,” stated Varney. “Yes, it’s opportunistic that they’re coming forward at this point. Do you not believe them?”

“I don’t find it to be credible,” Young replied. “He was nothing but an absolute gentleman. Then in recent days, all the past 11 years, my relationship with Mr. Trump — I’ve had moments alone where I see the greatest man with such a kind heart. Never, ever inappropriate, nothing like that ever.”

“On April 4, he was here at a rally in Wisconsin, in Milwaukee,” she continued. “It was cold. He was leaving the rally. His secret service got him out to the car. They couldn’t stop. He looks over at me and sees I’m freezing cold and goes over and hands his long, black jacket to his secret service to put over me.”

“They put the jacket over my body,” Young recalled. “This is a man who isn’t thinking about his safety in the moment. There’s no cameras around. He was thinking about me. He was being a gentleman.”

“I guess you could say it this way, he gave me the coat off his back,” she added. “That’s the Mr. Trump that I know.”

You can watch her comments here:

Unsurprisingly, you won’t see this recollection of Trump’s deeds with beauty pageant contestants on the front page of The New York Times or at the top-of-the-hour CNN news brief.

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