WATCH: Someone in Inauguration Crowd Yells “Lock Her Up!” During Pence’s Swearing-In

Someone in Inauguration Crowd Yells Lock Her Up During Pences Swearing-In

While President Donald Trump was the center of attention at the inauguration ceremony on Friday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was also watched closely throughout the events to see how she reacted.

Clinton managed to keep a straight face throughout most of the ceremony, but at one point, while Vice President Mike Pence was being sworn in, someone in the audience shouted three words that were sure to make that more challenging, The Daily Caller reported.

“Lock her up!” rang out from the crowd as Pence shook hands with former President Barack Obama after completing the oath of office.

The cameras did not catch Clinton’s reaction to that phrase as they were all trained on Pence, but we can only imagine the anger she must have felt at hearing that.

Chants of “drain the swamp” and a chorus of loud boos also greeted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., when he spoke at the event.

Since winning the election, Trump has backed off his promises to bring in a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton (much as his supporters would like him to) — though we’ll see what he actually does now that he is president.

Friday had to be the most humiliating day in Clinton’s life, and it was made even worse when she was reminded that a large segment of America really does want to see her locked up for her crimes.

I doubt we will be hearing anything from the Clintons for a long time now. They made their public appearance to support the transfer of power, and now they can retreat into a cloud of shame and despair.

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