WATCH: Protesters Block Air Force Officers From Inauguration “Checkpoint”

Protesters Block Air Force Officers From Inauguration Checkpoint

Camera footage caught a group of anti-Trump protesters blocking two Air Force members from accessing the inauguration ceremony in Washington on Friday.

The unruly crowd of thugs stood in the officers’ way and would not let them pass through. One protester told the men that they could not pass because a “checkpoint” established by the demonstrators was closed, according to The Daily Caller. Other protesters could be heard chanting, “This checkpoint is closed.”

It’s what mobs do in Third World countries. In America, it’s liberalism as its finest.

The officers took the high road and turned away without issue, apparently seeking a way into the inauguration where liberal fascists hadn’t set up a “checkpoint” to hinder American citizens from attending the inauguration of their president. Take a look:

This video proves that liberals are the most intolerant and immature group of people in America. Leftists across the nation tore into Trump supporters every chance they could, and will probably continue to do so. During the presidential campaign, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton couldn’t resist taking personal, insulting jabs at Trump and those who supported him.

Social media websites have threatened to ban accounts that express a conservative worldview because those views do not line up with their own ideology. Yet conservatives are painted as the intolerant, hateful ones.

And now this.

Liberal logic is mind-boggling.

This blockade represented everything that is wrong with the left — beginning with hate and hypocrisy.

Still angry, upset and shocked that Clinton didn’t win the election, they choose to lash out instead of carrying on with life and getting over it.

Blocking members of the Air Force from entering the inauguration doesn’t do much to help the Democrat Party, but we can bet it makes liberals feel better to be jerks to Trump supporters — even though such behavior doesn’t improve their lives one iota.

It’s sad to think of how much longer we will have to put up with liberals throwing fits and being a general nuisance.

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