WATCH: NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw Blasts PC Crowd Then Drops the 1 Word They Hate Most


NFL legend Terry Bradshaw blasted political correctness and stood up for his faith in a big way recently on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” when he pointed out one word the left can’t stand: Jesus.

Bradshaw spoke about the recent protests of the national anthem by NFL players and deftly brought up the way the politically correct left has defended their First Amendment rights but not the rights of those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

While Bradshaw defended the right of San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players to protest, he noted that he did take issue with people disrespecting the flag and the national anthem, which is when he flipped the script on the politically correct left.

“I do have a problem when people in this country don’t respect our flag and national anthem, and all you got to do is look around. This country is getting worse and worse and more and more immoral and we’re rotting from within.”

“All great empires die from within,” Bradshaw added. “We can’t talk about Jesus. We can’t mention that anymore. So we say ‘I’m religious’ — because if we say Jesus, then you automatically are pigeonholed and kicked off the desk.”

“You can’t talk about it,” Bradshaw continued his point. “The two vice presidential guys are going at it and they are both saying what? ‘We’re religious.’ What does that mean — you’re religious? Everybody is religious.”

You can see his comments here:

The left has gone on and on about protecting the protesters’ right to disrespect the country but, as Bradshaw pointed out, they haven’t been too concerned about the rights of groups that don’t help their agenda — in fact, they are actively stifling them.

Bradshaw also brought up the important point that the country is “rotting from within.” If we keep moving further and further from Christ and the values that built America up to be the greatest nation the world has ever seen, this country will surely fall.

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