WATCH: MSNBC Host Underestimates Trump’s Minority Outreach Dir., Gets Clock Cleaned


An attempt by MSNBC host Chris Hayes to hijack a pre-debate discussion Monday evening by bringing up GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s past birther statements failed epically, courtesy the billionaire businessman’s director of African-American outreach.

“Believe me, the birther issue is not the top issue,” the director, former “Celebrity Apprentice” star Omarosa Manigault, pointed out. “We have young black men being killed in the country, we have people rioting in the streets of Charlotte and you wanna start with birther?”

Manigault maintained that most Americans were not talking about statements that Trump said years ago.

“They wanna know how they’re going to fill their prescriptions and fill their gas tanks,” she said. “They’re talking about how they’re going to feed their family, where they’re going to send their children to school, whether they’re going to be safe, whether there’s going to be a job for them when they show up for work.”

But instead of talking about these issues, Hayes again tried to badger Manigault, this time claiming that the birther issue had originated with Trump, which was also false.

The MSNBC host also tried to argue that Trump’s insistence on going after President Barack Obama for his birth certificate signaled poor judgement, but Manigault was ready for this attack line as well.

“What judgement is a woman who doesn’t know what a classified email is?” she retorted, referring to Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s improper handling of classified information while secretary of state. “If (Clinton) doesn’t know what a classified email is, does she qualify to be the president of the United States?” she asked rhetorically.

The full back-and-forth exchange between the two may be heard below:

With the birther discussion out of the way, the discussion ought to be on how to better America — not on how to smear a presidential candidate over something that bore no relevance to the nation’s well-being, let alone its national security interests.

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