WATCH: Minority Trump Fans Corner Hillary, Horrify Media With “Hillary Clinton Is Racist” Chant


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made several campaign stops yesterday and after one of his speeches in North Carolina, a media frenzy broke out. Black Trump supporters cornered the media outlets and shamed them for not showing the truth about the demographics of Trump’s rallies.

One pro-Trump Twitter user posted a cellphone video in which black Trump supporters could be heard saying, “Why won’t you show us? Why don’t you show black Trump supporters?”

A white man entered the frame and stated that the media outlets do not want to interview black Trump supporters and instead, “They run away.”

The supporters in the arena then turned their focus onto Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Shortly after the video began, the crowd started chanting, “Hillary Clinton is racist,” before a reporter — effectively shamed — finally gave in and went to interview one of the men.

It was so clear on the video that the liberal media would rather say that all of Donald Trump’s supporters are white racist fanatics, because that is all they choose to show. However, according to the black Trump supporters, Hillary Clinton is the one who is racist — and the media won’t report it, even though it came straight from their own mouths.

The video has gone viral as it sheds light on the liberal media’s blatant bias. It has been retweeted almost 5,000 times and liked over 5,300 times in about 18 hours.

Check out the video below:

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H/T The Gateway Pundit