WATCH: Massive Bear Emerges From Hole Drilled by Construction Workers


While construction workers sometimes come across interesting historical stuff while digging, what they don’t expect to find is something that is alive and very angry to have been disturbed.

That’s exactly what happened to a bunch of workmen over in Bolu, Turkey, while they were digging a hole in the ground, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

Video posted to YouTube on Sunday showed a very large, and very angry, brown bear crawling out of the hole that the workmen had just started excavating.

The bear wasn’t too happy with all the noise that was being made by the workmen. The bear was very clearly aggressive when it attempted to climb out of the hole.

That’s pretty understandable. I’d be pretty angry too if someone just broke a hole open over my head and destroyed the place I was staying in.

The U.K. Metro noted that some believe the bear may have fallen into the hole, which was near a chicken farm, but that is only a theory. Ultimately, it may never be known why that bear was in the hole.

The bear swatted at a few pieces of machinery and then eventually lumbered off. No construction workers were harmed during the excitement, though I’m sure more than a few will never dig a hole again without thinking of the bear.

You can watch the full video here:

The U.K. Sun noted that the workers tried helping the bear out of its predicament by breaking away more pieces of foundation of the building they were taking down, but that only angered the bear some more.

A bear can do some odd things, but this certainly is something you don’t see every day — and it most certainly will be a story told thousands of times by the workers who witnessed it first-hand.

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