WATCH: Marchers Get Epic Reality Check from Our New Hero “Big Joe”… Women FREAK

Marchers Get Epic Reality Check from Our New Hero Big Joe Women FREAK

Protesters in the streets of Los Angeles got a serious dose of reality from a man who referred to himself as “Big Joe” when he explained to them how silly they were for demonstrating against President Donald Trump.

Joe, who said he wasn’t part of the protest, was more than glad to engage with liberals who accused him of being oblivious because he was on a bicycle. We’re not sure how a bicycle factors into this equation, but that’s how it goes with liberal logic.

Joe made several points worth mentioning.

He said that while there were plenty of people who were upset about former President Barack Obama’s agenda, there were no such demonstrations in the street.

When approached by a raving liberal, Joe simply said that political correctness was un-American and even a disease that was ruining our country.

He then pointed out that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, actually intended to exterminate the black race because she felt blacks were inferior. He added that Planned Parenthood was one of the most racist organizations in history.

Joe also told the protesters who didn’t like Trump and didn’t want to be in the country to leave. That’s great advice. However, liberals who had already threatened to leave the country if Trump won the election did absolutely nothing but whine.

He then encouraged protesters to be logical and intelligent, which is about the best advice anyone could ever give the left.

It’s hard to argue with Joe on any of these points. Yet it appeared that nobody wanted to hear what he had to say — regardless of how much sense he was making.

That’s liberalism for you: lots of yelling and whining but very little common sense.

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