WATCH: Liberal Filmmaker Goes Crazy During Interview

Liberal Filmmaker Goes Crazy During Interview

A liberal filmmaker went stark raving mad on Fox News Monday night, proving to the world how dangerous liberalism can be.

Director Jason Pollock appeared in an interview with host Martha MacCallum to discuss his new documentary “Stranger Fruit,” which explored alleged “new” video footage of Michael Brown inside a convenience store earlier in the early morning hours of the day he was fatally shot in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

In the video Brown can be seen attempting to deal drugs in the same store where he committed a strong-arm robbery later in the day, shortly before his fatal encounter with Ferguson police Officer Darren Ferguson.

Pollack’s movie argues that the tape absolves Brown because it showed him engaging in a drug deal instead of stealing.

MacCallum questioned how this footage exonerated Brown and proved any wrongdoing by Wilson.

Pollock wasted no time getting angry and red-faced, making all kinds of allegations that began with blaming how the “system works” for allowing police officers to “get off every single time.”

He then went into a tirade about how Brown was shot. He also pointed a finger at St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch.

In short, he made a complete fool of himself.

Pollock also said that “there are some people in America with so much bias inside of them that they just want to think Michael Brown is a bad guy.” Take a look, if you can bear to watch it:

He seemed to think that Brown was a good guy since this footage “proved” he was a drug dealer rather than a thief.

It’s more likely that Brown was a drug dealer and a thief.

The footage doesn’t exonerate Brown — and Pollack’s emotional outbursts aren’t helping the cause either.

Liberals have an unusual flair for trying to make irrelevant issues relevant, but they always fail because no amount of yelling and screaming changes anything; it simply makes them look either unreasonable, as well as unstable and unreliable.

Just like Pollock.

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