WATCH: Liberal Calls Sessions a “Racist” … Tucker Carlson Knocks Him Down HARD


On Friday, President-elect Donald Trump officially announced that he was nominating Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general, a move that immediately caused liberals to scream “racism.”

Liberals claimed that Sessions was a racist and a bigot, and columnist Jonathan Allen wrote an article for Roll Call that regurgitated every liberal talking point about Sessions into one poorly written piece.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson hosted Allen on his show, and immediately went to town, ripping into him over his article that accused Sessions of horrible things, without any actual proof, to the delight of the conservative community, Twitchy reported.

“Is there any evidence he’s had contact with Stormfront?” Carlson asked Allen, referring to the racist group that had endorsed Sessions. “Endorsed Stormfront? Or are you just smearing him on the basis of their endorsement of him?”

Allen was unable to answer the question (big surprise), so Carlson moved on to other aspects of the article in question.

“Can you name, in the 20 years he has served, 19 as senator, a single instance where he has mistreated someone on the basis of their race?” he demanded of Allen, who once again was silent.

“I mean, this is just a total hack job here,” Carlson said of the article when it became clear that Allen couldn’t substantiate any of his claims.

You can watch Carlson’s full interview with Allen here:

Many liberal news outlets, like the Huffington Post and The Daily Beast, have gone out of their way to smear Sessions as a bigot, but have ignored his history of working to help all Americans under the law.

In fact, Fox News reported that Sessions has a “well-documented” history of praising civil rights icon Rosa Parks — a fact that the liberal media has conveniently ignored over the past 24 hours.

Perhaps journalists like Allen should focus more on reporting the actual news and not simply rehashing old liberal talking points that aren’t even based in reality.

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