WATCH: Krauthammer Gives Trump Advice on Controlling Govt. Agencies

Krauthammer Gives Trump Advice on Controlling Govt Agencies

Former “Never Trump” commentator Charles Krauthammer performed a stunning 180-degree reversal Friday by expressing his support for President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp,” even offering a way by which the president may accomplish exactly that.

“This president has the two houses of Congress with him, so this is an opportunity to do that, and deregulation is one way to do that and depopulation of the bureaucracy, to allow the numbers to go down by attrition, is another way to do that,” he told Fox News host Shannon Bream, as reported by TheBlaze.

“Attrition” refers to a corporate tactic wherein a company reduces its payroll without directly firing anyone by simply waiting for employees to retire or quit. For the trick to work, a company must commit to not hiring anyone else during the attrition process. This, in turn, leads to a gradual but still tangible reduction in the organization’s total number of employees.

Krauthammer’s plan basically calls for applying the same tactic to the federal bureaucracy. Moreover, the president has himself already satisfied the second requirement — that no new hires be made — by signing an executive order that froze federal hiring except for the military.

Signed in late January, the order specifically stated that “no vacant positions can be filled, or new positions created, unless an agency head deems the position ‘necessary to meet national security or public safety responsibilities.’”

“This is a chronic issue,” Krauthammer continued, referring to the way the entrenchment of longtime employees in the government has been occurring since the New Deal. “And you want to use the energy and support of the ‘honeymoon’ of a new presidency, again controlling the two houses of Congress, to go ahead and attack it.”

Listen to the commentator’s full statement below:

Many would likely prefer that the president simply fire unwanted government employees and officials, but due to the way the federal government functions, this is not feasible.

As a result, the president must tackle the problem carefully, and Krauthammer’s proposal appears to offer him a way to do exactly that.

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