WATCH: Judge Jeanine Tells Trump Haters to “Deal With It”

Judge Jeanine Tells Trump Haters to Deal With It

If you’re one of the liberals who thinks Donald Trump’s presidency is illegitimate, Judge Jeanine Pirro has a message for you:

Get real.

On her Saturday Fox News show, Judge Jeanine put a whooping on Trump-haters all across the country, starting with Rep. John Lewis.

Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, had said that “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” according to The Washington Post.

“Not legitimate? Pray tell, Congressman Lewis, what’s not legitimate?” Judge Jeanine said.

“Donald Trump won by a large Electoral College margin. And in spite of efforts to do a recount which backfired big time — and efforts to influence ‘faithless’ electors, nothing changed.  Congressman, you have devoted your life to equal rights and equal justice for all. You have been rewarded with a seat in America’s most exalted House of Representatives. Likewise, Donald Trump has been rewarded with a seat in America’s White House.

“Are you not a part of our democracy?  Do you not want a peaceful transition of power?  Did you not take an oath to support the Constitution — including Article Two that created the Electoral College?”

Pirro also went after actress Rosie O’Donnell for her belief that martial law should be imposed to prevent Donald Trump from taking the oath of office until he’s “cleared” of “charges,” asking her, “are you nuts?”

Do you even know what martial law is? It’s when the military takes over and we’re at war,” Pirro said. “By the way, Trump is not charged with anything, and for him to be cleared there’d have to be a trial. Ain’t no trials happening during martial law … There would be curfews, checkpoints, tanks in the streets, and no you couldn’t call an Uber tank for a quick latte at your local Starbucks.”

Video below:

Judge Jeanine certainly let them have it. All we have to say is, way to go!

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