WATCH: Judge Jeanine Calls “Hamilton” Cast’s Treatment of Pence “Reverse Racism”


The cast of the Broadway smash hit “Hamilton” made news in all the wrong ways last week, when they pilloried Vice President-elect Mike Pence while he was in the house.

Now, Fox News‘ Judge Jeanine Pirro has come out against what the cast did. In her “opening statement” Saturday, Pirro said the comments the cast made were “inappropriate and disgusting” and the boos from the crowd as Pence and his family entered the theater were “outrageous and embarrassing.”

“What happened in that theater — one block from here — was out-and-out reverse racism, and teed up hate for a man who has done nothing to deserve this inappropriate and disgusting behavior,” Pirro said.

She noted that all Pence was trying to do was enjoy some time with his family and instead had his attendance used “as a political bully pulpit.” She also noted that no less than Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had attended “Hamilton” previously without any such shenanigans from the cast.

“You’re alarmed he’s not gonna protect us; our children, our parents, our planet, our values,  who’s left — Al Qaida?” Pirro mocked.

“Of course he’s going to protect us, our parents, our children, our planet, and defend us. Why didn’t you ask Hillary Clinton, part of the disastrous Obama administration that put so many Americans at risk when they were in charge, that when she attended? No, you let her enjoy the show. Or Bernie Sanders? You even gave him a standing ovation.”

Pirro also noted that what the cast did on Friday violates the liberal idea of tolerance.

“Last night violates everything you say you stand for,” Pirro said. “That big tent, inclusive broad-minded acceptance of everyone, even people who don’t look or act like you. What happened to your old ‘love trumps hate’ line? You’re all damn hypocrites!”

She also noted that the reason Pence is the vice president-elect is because “forgotten Americans, most of whom can’t afford tickets to your play, and may not have even heard of it, got up and voted” against the kind of spectacle the “Hamilton” cast gave Pence.

Video below:

That should be the real takeaway from what happened in New York City on Friday. A group of elite entertainment industry figures lecturing a man from Indiana about how those involved in identity politics feel “unsafe,” while the candidate they’re championing called Trump voters a “basket of deplorables” and promised to ship away more of their jobs.

It is liberals like the cast of “Hamilton” who make everyday Americans feel “unsafe,” which is why they voted for Donald Trump. Perhaps if they got out and saw the rest of America that Vice President-elect Pence and Judge Jeanine know, they would understand.

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