WATCH: Horror Video Captures Trump-Hater Lighting Trump Fan ON FIRE

Horror Video Captures Trump-Hater Lighting Trump Fan ON FIRE

The narrative peddled by the left during and after the 2016 presidential election has been one of supposedly fascist supporters of Donald Trump mercilessly stomping over the rights and freedoms of those who oppose him.

Time and time again, however, this narrative has been proven to be a pure fabrication — one that did not comport even slightly with reality.

The truth is that the vast majority of violence, intimidation and fascist behavior observed during and after the election was actually perpetrated by anti-Trump zealots. One of the more recent examples of their barbarous behavior was an anti-Trump protester caught on camera last week lighting a Trump supporter’s hair on fire as the liberals chanted, “Love Trumps Hate.”

Watch the video below, and note what happens to the Trump supporter with the blue jacket and hat:

Unbelievable, right?

As was explained in the video’s description, this attack occurred on Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C., only moments after Trump was sworn into office.

The irony was fairly rich given the “Love Trumps Hate” crowd’s apparently fervent belief that Trump’s inauguration would portend the rise of a new Nazi Germany.

“Despite the hysterical Nazi/fascist analogies conjured up by our media, the story of political violence in this campaign has been one in which it has been overwhelmingly directed at Trump supporters rather than by them,” Hoover Institution fellow Jeremy Carl noted this weekend in National Review.

But because this act of violence contradicted the liberal media’s preferred narrative of pro-Trump fascism and violence, mainstream coverage of acts such as this was practically nonexistent.

“It is a fact that our media and political elites stubbornly refuse to acknowledge, and similar to Black Lives Matters’ account of the incidence of inter-racial violence, the media account of partisan political violence — one of right-wing perpetrators and left-wing victims, is precisely the opposite of the truth,” Carl added. “It’s yet another example of the left-wing’s fake news.”

Exactly. Even The Wall Street Journal, known for its more centrist stance (at least in comparison to The New York Times and The Washington Post), could not help itself.

“Inaugural Protests, Largely Peaceful, Marred by Sporadic Violence,” one of its headlines read.

Really? Sorry, but if the Journal were being honest, it would have written, “Inaugural Riots, Largely Violent, Featured Sporadic Acts Of Peaceful Protest.”

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