WATCH: Hispanics Booed Hillary Off Stage at Last Calif. Campaign Stop… No Wonder She Lost


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was in for a rude awakening at her last campaign stop before the election. The media completely ignored this, but it’s important to address, as it may provide some insight into why she lost.

Clinton stopped in Los Angeles before Tuesday’s election, and when she got on stage to greet her supporters something unheard of happened.

Specifically, it was unheard of because the mainstream media never aired this footage.

Seconds into her speech, Clinton was booed by some Hispanic citizens in the audience.

“You’re not welcome here in L.A.,” voices shouted in the video, which was uploaded to YouTube. “You betrayed women’s rights activists in Honduras.”

At one point, Clinton’s security tried to calm the crowd and a man could then be heard saying, “Don’t touch me,” as the security got closer to him.

Watch the video below:

Hillary Clinton did not want this information getting out. The media tried to spin everything in her favor but ignored that she was getting a lot of flack from citizens who were not happy with her past experience.

In fact, it appears that Hillary Clinton, her supporters, and much of America believed well into Tuesday night that her presidency was inevitable — because that’s what the mainstream media chose to tell them.

The media should learn from this and begin reporting the news and not just the agenda.

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