WATCH: Hillary Supporters Have No Idea They Agree With Trump’s Policies


How utterly daft are Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s supporters? So daft that they don’t even know when they’re supporting Republican rival Donald Trump’s campaign tenets.

In a video from SubjectPolitics that has set Facebook on fire, a series of Hillary Clinton supporters at what appeared to be the Democrat National Convention were read quotes from Trump, only attributed to Hillary Clinton.

Without fail, the Hillary supporters say that they were in favor of the quote.

Here’s the video:

These weren’t even positions that could be reasonably confused with Hillary Clinton’s. The first quote is, “I see improved relations with Russia from a position of improved strength only is possible.” Trump has been saying that over and over throughout the campaign, and Clinton has done nothing but talk down national strength. Yet, to a Clinton supporter, it sounds like a good idea.

The same thing with the next quote: “Immigration is a privilege, and we should not let anyone into this country who doesn’t support our communities — all of our communities.” It’s an intelligent quote — far too intelligent to come from anyone on the Democrat side in regard to immigration. Yet again, the Clinton people are for it.

And let’s keep in mind, this happened at the Democrat National Convention, too. These are the most politically active and astute Democrats, presumably ones who have been following the election since day one.

Exactly what are we supposed to think when they can’t even correctly identify Trump’s positions? What does this say about the average Clinton voter, who likely knows less — in some cases, far less — than these individuals did?

This is indicative not only of the low-information quotient that befalls plenty of liberals, but of the fact that Trump’s policies sound a lot better to people when they aren’t filtered through a media that uses the word “racist” every third sentence when reporting them.

These quotes weren’t just picked at random. They’re some of the cornerstones behind Trump’s campaign.

Apparently, these Dems were on the Trump Train all along. Who knew?

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