WATCH: High School Punk Attacks Trump Supporter


Another day, another attack on an innocent supporter of President-elect Donald Trump — this one a mere teen.

This particular attack occurred Wednesday at Woodside High in Redwood City, California, where a punk was seen on cell phone video confronting a white peer over her support for the newly elected president-elect.

“She said you support Trump, you hate Mexicans,” victim Jade Armenio later told local news station KRON. “I said no I do not, and she said I wanna do it, and I said you want to do what?”

“And she threw me to the floor, pulled out my hair, ripped out my earrings, kicked me inside of the head, kicked me in the stomach, punched me in the nose,” she added.

Armenio’s mother, Gina, noted that everything the assailant had claimed was patently false.

“She’s got Mexican friends,” she stated. “She’s got black friends. We have them over. We do not have any issues. We’re not racist and have never been racist.”

You can see the altercation here (WARNING: graphic language):

Apparently the incident was prompted by a post to social media. After she posted a screenshot on Instagram earlier this week of CNN projecting Trump’s win, one of her friends left two comments, one of which was inflammatory.

“She says her friend slothy_loppy commented ‘Hell yeah,’ then (there was) another comment from him that says, ‘F Mexicans,’” KRON explained.

Armenio responded to the first comment by writing, “One of the few things we can agree on slothy_loppy,” and it has been assumed that it was this assailant’s misperception of this statement that triggered the attack.

Either way, the attack was wrong, and Armenio was reportedly being switched to another school by her parents over concerns regarding the atmosphere at Woodside High, which has been rocked by protests all week long.

Speaking with KTVU, Armenio’s father expressed his disappointment over the whole incident.

“It makes me sick to my stomach that someone can’t voice their opinion publicly … it’s really a shame,” he said.

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