WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Says Liberals Are Scared of Liking Trump

Greg Gutfeld Says Liberals Are Scared of Liking Trump

Fox News commentator Greg Gutfeld dropped a bombshell on national television when he said liberals hate President-elect Donald Trump because they are scared they’ll like him.

According to Fox News Insider, Gutfeld made the stunning announcement on “The Five.”

Gutfeld explained that liberals would hate whoever the Republican nominee turned out to be, whether Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz or anyone else who could possibly have won the 2016 presidential election over favored Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“They would demonize every single person,” said Gutfeld, who has made a career mocking liberals.

When it comes to Donald Trump, Gutfeld explained, liberals are hating him simply to hate him. “Trump is a different kind of candidate,” he continued.

“What if you’re just scared of falling in love?” Gutfeld said. “Have you ever been there, and you don’t want to be attracted to somebody?”

“I think these liberals are going, ‘Maybe he’s not so bad. What if he’s like us a little bit? Oh, my God!’ That’s what scares them,” he continued.

Watch the entire episode below. Gutfeld begins discussing GOP candidates about about the 4:55 mark.

Since the November election, Donald Trump has been brutally attacked, not only by the media, but also by celebrities and other politicians. Now, it seems as if it has become a trend that everyone wants in on.

Moreover, the politicians or journalists who have come out and mentioned that perhaps it is time to support whoever is president of the United States are likewise torn apart.

It seems as if Gutfeld hit the nail on the head with his assumptions about anti-Trump liberals.

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