WATCH: Geraldo Looks on Helplessly as Eric Bolling PROVES Minorities Elected Trump


Fox News Channel host Eric Bolling ripped to shreds the myth that President-elect Donald Trump was elected primarily by whites — especially white men.

During an episode “The Five,” Bolling took Geraldo Rivera through last week’s presidential election demographics and compared them to the presidential election in 2012. Specifically, he compared Trump’s numbers among minorities to those of 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

He pointed out that on gender, Trump was up with the males by 5 percent but only down with women by 1 percent.

On race, Trump was up with whites by 1 percent, but his increase among the black community was up a whopping 7 percent. The Hispanic community also showed a significant rise in voters, with an increase of 8 percent.

With voters 18 to 29 years old Trump saw a 5 percent increase from the Republican tally in 2012. The number of voters 65 and older who voted for Trump was actually down from previous Republican numbers.

This video is worth watching, if for nothing else than the look on Rivera’s face.

It’s the look that most liberals get when confronted with the truth, for which they have no counter-argument. It’s a look that we’ve seen quite a bit during the past week, as literally millions of liberals across the country come to grips with the notion that voters chose to reject Hillary Clinton and her brand of politics.

You won’t hear the mainstream media reporting these numbers because they blow out of the water any narrative that Hispanics and blacks(and young voters) hate Trump.

It would appear to be the other way around — that minorities are sick and tired of the broken promises of the Obama administration and were ready to vote for a change.

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