WATCH: Forget Trump’s Hot Mic… Here’s Chris Matthews’ Hot Mic MELANIA Comment


Over the weekend, major media outlets ran seemingly wall-to-wall coverage of a 2005 recording of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making inappropriate remarks about women.

These recordings were indeed disturbing, and Trump has since apologized for them, stating that he was a changed man. Despite this apology, liberals (and some Republicans) have continued to slam Trump over the tape, claiming he should drop out of the race.

Unsurprisingly, liberals seem to have forgotten when MSNBC host Chris Matthews was caught on a hot microphone making similar comments about Melania Trump.

“Did you see her walk? Runway walk. My God, that is good. I could watch that runway show,” Matthews said when Trump held a news conference just after he won the Indiana primary and became the presumptive nominee

Matthews is still employed, and liberals have completely forgotten that he even made those remarks. See, in the liberal world it’s perfectly acceptable for a liberal to degrade women, but the moment a Republican does it, it’s a crime against humanity.

The left’s hypocrisy was further revealed in what many liberals want our society to become. Liberals constantly promote some of the most vile things imaginable and defend immorality, but then get their feathers all ruffled when someone says the “P-word.”

Yes, what Trump said was wrong. But what Matthews said was also wrong. If liberals are going to get all frazzled over Trump, they should treat Matthews’ comments the same.

Alternatively, liberals should simply state that both were wrong, let the parties involved apologize and then move on, which is probably what most of America wants by now.

There are far greater threats facing our nation today than what Trump said 11 years ago. Liberals need to actually start looking at what is happening today and move on from what they had hoped would be the death blow to Trump’s campaign.

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