WATCH: Don Lemon Slips Up on Live TV… Exposes Real ID of “Random” Trump Protester


CNN covered an anti-Trump protest in Chicago but a hot mic caught something that pointed to the fact that the so-called cable news channel wasn’t exactly a dispassionate observer.

A reporter interviewed a protester who was supposedly outraged by Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s defeat. That protester also happened to be a cameraman who had previously worked with CNN.

CNN interviewed the man, who told the reporter he “wanted Hillary to win more than anybody” in the election.

The longer the man spoke, the more passionate he became.

“I believe in you Hillary. I’ve been to Rwanda. I’ve been to your hospital in Rwanda. I’ve seen all the good you’ve done,” he said into the camera.

As the reporter began to wrap up the segment, CNN host Don Lemon said, “Yeah, Ryan, you know I used to live there and I know that guy. That’s John Grkovic. He actually went to Africa with me as a cameraman.”

So this spontaneous interview appeared to be more of a staged event, with CNN looking suspiciously guilty. At the very least, it provided an excellent insight into the kind of people CNN likes to hire — uninformed uber-progressives.

It’s pathetic how far liberals are willing to go to generate angst among the public over their loss.

CNN was already in hot water before the election. Its reputation as a reliable source of news left long ago when it was dubbed the “Clinton News Network” in the 1990s for its continuous positive coverage of former President Bill Clinton. That continued into the 2016 election, during which Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton was largely given a pass on her many scandals and allegations of corruption.

After it was discovered that CNN had leaked questions to Clinton before the presidential debate with rival Donald Trump, the world found out just how much the network was in bed with Clinton and the Democrats.

They have proven themselves to be little more than propagandists for the Democrat Party.

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