WATCH: Doctor Finds Weird “Pocket” Under Tattoo… What’s Inside Is DISGUSTING

Doctor Finds Weird Pocket Under Tattoo Whats Inside Is DISGUSTING

Warning: Do not watch this video before, during or after any meal or you may regret it.

While this story is beyond gross, it’s educational in that it demonstrates how infections are bad news and not something to be overlooked — especially if they get big, red and painful.

In the video, a doctor is seen working on a woman who has an infection in a tattoo. The woman is face-down on a table and it appears most of her back is covered in ink.

The doctor begins working on a raised abscess beneath the tattoo. He makes an incision and begins to gently press on it and, let’s just say what happens next is disgusting.

Pus does not simply come out of this incision — it pours out at a rate faster than the doctor and his assistants can keep up with it.

What’s truly amazing is the sheer amount of pus and blood that comes out of this woman’s cyst.

Take a look but beware this video is graphic:

Dr. Arun Ghosh, a physician in Liverpool, told MailOnline that such a such a cyst or abscess can occur as a result of an infected tattoo needle. Infections can also occur if sweat ducts in the back become blocked.

“I’ve removed similar ones. You start squeezing and there’s huge amount of pus inside the cyst. If you left it, it would become a hard, cottage-cheese like lump,” Ghosh said.

“It’s unusual to see an abscess that big. If that got into her body, she would have died of blood poisoning.”

The doctor added that being overweight, as the woman in the video is, might have attributed to her condition.

“If you get a large lady, the sweat ducts become blocked. The sweat can’t come out the body so it forms inside, creating an abscess,” Ghosh said.

“The body does this to protect itself, to close off the liquid so it can’t get into the blood. Then a bit of bacteria gets in and it becomes infected,” he added.

infecion tattoo

If you need a good reason to take care of any infections you may find on any tattoos (or anywhere else, for that matter), this story should take care of that.

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