WATCH: Debate Mod Raddatz Tries to Hold Back Tears as Trump Wins


One of the two hosts of the second presidential debate, ABC News’ chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz, was seen on camera appearing to hold back tears while discussing President-elect Donald Trump’s victory last night.

At the time, she was discussing what Trump would do with our military when elected president, and the answer she received was apparently unsatisfactory to her, bringing her to close to tears.

“Donald Trump, I questioned about what he would do about Syria and his understanding of military policy and civilian/military divide. I don’t know that he really has a plan for what he’s going to do there,” Raddatz said.

“He has Gen. Mike Flynn. Gen. Mike Flynn has been with him. He’ll quickly tell you he has 200 admirals and generals backing him. I think Mike Flynn has been a huge influence on him,” she continued.

“I was also looking back at an interview Tim Kaine gave. Tim Kaine has a son in the Marine Corps. He was asked by CBS’ John Dickerson, ‘If Donald Trump is democratically elected, and your son is serving as a Marine, you wouldn’t trust his life under that commander in chief?’ And Kaine said, ‘I wouldn’t,’” she recalled.

Her voice was weak throughout this dialogue, but at that point she appeared to be choking up.

“That’s a pretty extraordinary thing to say,” she concluded. “If you have a son in the Marine Corps, and you don’t trust the commander in chief. The people in the military defend the Constitution. That’s what they do.”

Now, remember, this woman was a moderator in a presidential debate — but on Election Night she apparently couldn’t keep her feelings about a candidate fully under control.

At least now we get to see her true colors and can hopefully keep her from “moderating” in the future.

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H/T Hot Air