WATCH: Country Song Gets Makeover as Uber-Conservative Anthem

Country Song Gets Makeover as Uber-Conservative Anthem

Comedian Chad Prather and Steve “Mudflap” McGrew have teamed up to raise awareness for one of the left’s most precious inventions — the safe space.

They’ve written a song for these designated areas that liberals demand to escape from troubling or scary comments and/or people. As you might have guessed, the song itself is a trigger that will force hundreds of thousands of snowflakes to retreat to the nearest nook with a coloring book.

The song is an awesome parody of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” titled “Friends in Safe Spaces,” and it pokes fun at sensitive liberals everywhere.

The song points out how growing up without ever having to face anything difficult or challenging can be a prescription for a difficult life. From participation trophies to coloring books, the song highlights all of the reasons that lead to the snowflake mentality that undermines the hard-working American spirit.

The song also emphasizes the collective meltdown of millions of “delicate flowers” since Donald Trump won the presidency in November, while pointing out that anyone who disagrees with them, especially a white heterosexual Christian, must be is a racist.

The song even takes a hit at CNN and Michael Moore.

Take a look:

This video hits the nail on the head.

In an interview with Fox News, Prather said it took him and fellow comedian McGrew about 10 minutes to write the lyrics to the song. He said the idea for a song came up after the two had done a comedy tour about safe spaces.

We sure hope the duo continues writing more songs like this, because they are sure to send liberals across the country flying to hide under the covers.

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