WATCH: Cops Intervene After Woman Harasses Jesse Watters During Segment


The past week has shown America just how truly tolerant liberals are. Violent protests have broken out in most major cities as hoards of triggered liberals protest President-elect Donald Trump.

These “peaceful” protesters have destroyed property and injured police officers, all while chanting “Love trumps hate.” One liberal woman decided that protesting wasn’t enough and went after Fox News contributor Jesse Watters, Fox News reported.

Watters was outside a Bernie Sanders book-signing event (which guaranteed some interesting people to talk to) asking people what they thought about the election. Most people were happy to give Watters a comment or two, but one woman decided she wasn’t going to let him talk to anyone.

The woman, who was not named, stormed up to him and immediately called him a “racist piece of s***” and told onlookers not to talk to him.

Not the best way to introduce yourself to someone.

“Thank you for poisoning the minds of America!” the woman yelled at him. “I don’t watch you, I see you on the internet with all the other a*******!”

“Get a real angle, you’re a hack,” she added, while Watters calmly thanked her for watching the show.

Eventually two police officers who were standing nearby intervened and escorted the woman away from Watters, while she spelled out his name, as if that was going to do anything.

“He’s deplorable!” she added.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if this woman was one of the people who just a few short weeks ago were demanding that Trump accept the results of the election without causing a scene.

You can watch Watters’ interviews with Sanders supporters below. The crazy woman makes her star appearance at 0:39.

There are a lot of crazy people out there, and many of them supported former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Hopefully in a few days, once the weather gets colder, they will all stay inside and leave us all alone.

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