WATCH: Clay Higgins Showcases What Border Patrol Agents Deal With

Clay Higgins Showcases What Border Patrol Agents Deal With

During a visit to the southern border last week, Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins made a video explaining just how difficult things were for U.S. agents who face immigrants attempting to the enter the country illegally, and it shed light on just how much they had been crippled by former President Barack Obama.

Standing near rocky terrain, Higgins said he was about 50 yards from the Mexican border.

“The next time you see a liberal reporter complaining about border patrol returning fire on some poor, poor illegal immigrant throwing little pebbles at them, understand, that’s not what they’re throwing,” he said, holding up a pebble.

“They’re throwing this,” he said, holding up a rock almost twice as big as his fist. “And if you don’t think this is a lethal weapon, you obviously haven’t read the Bible very much.”

The Republican lawmaker also described how agents had to design special protection for their cruisers to protect themselves against attacks from illegal aliens hurling similar rocks at them.

He then pointed to the non-lethal weapons agents get to use against those attempting to cross the border: paintball guns firing pepper spray.

Take a look at the video:

It is sickening that these agents aren’t allowed more protection.

Higgins — also known as the “Cajun John Wayne” even though, ironically, he has said he has no Cajun ancestry — was elected to Congress in 2016. He is also a member of a bipartisan anti-terrorism task force that toured the border with members of the House Homeland Security Committee, where they got to see firsthand some of the challenges facing border security.

Part of that challenge is the Democrat Party — along with a liberal mainstream media — that refuse to report how bad things actually are.

“The threats to America are menacing and real,” Higgins said in a news release. “Law enforcement officers in border communities are waging a fierce battle to secure our border and enforce the law.”

It’s time to give these agents the ability to do their jobs.

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